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Unlock New Opportunities with Canada’s Express Entry

Hello readers, welcome back to another blog at Ansari Immigration, your trusted immigration consultancy in Vancouver. If you have been keenly following Canada’s immigration updates, you would have noticed the introduction of category-based Express Entry draws. These draws have brought a sea change in how candidates are chosen for Canadian permanent residence, giving precedence to professional experience over CRS score.

But what if your profession isn’t targeted in these draws? Do you still stand a chance to fulfill your Canadian dream? Absolutely! Today, we delve deep into Canada’s number one pathway for economic immigration, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), to bring you all the information you need. Don’t forget to explore other blogs on our website where we cover a plethora of topics including student visas, work permits, healthcare, and much more.

Understanding Express Entry - Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Before Express Entry introduced targeted draws, PNPs were already nominating candidates based on the demographic and economic needs of each province. Most PNPs have a list of occupations in high demand in their province, and being employed in one of these occupations can give you a ticket to the Canadian dream. But remember, you need to meet the basic eligibility criteria of the respective PNP.

To know if your job matches with the in-demand occupations, look up your job title’s National Occupation Code (NOC). Let's take a closer look at the targeted occupations in different provinces:


The Alberta PNP does not have a formal list but has highlighted several in-demand roles including retail sales supervisors and registered nurses. Check out Alberta’s ineligible occupations list to make sure your profession isn’t listed there. Learn more about targeted draws for healthcare and agriculture workers in our dedicated blog.

British Columbia

Whether you are a tech expert or a healthcare professional, the British Columbia PNP has a range of categories including tech, healthcare, childcare, and other priority occupations for you. Get more insights here.

Spotlight on Other Provinces

Manitoba categorizes its occupations under 10 different headers including business, finance, and administration occupations. New Brunswick, on the other hand, gives you insights into sectors with the highest job vacancies.

Meanwhile, Newfoundland and Labrador has focused on healthcare and information communications technology among others, and Northwest Territories predicts the jobs that will be in demand for the next 15 years. Dive deep into this analysis in our detailed blog.

Quick Glance at Remaining Provinces

  • Nova Scotia: Primarily targeting roles within TEER levels 3 to 5, including nurse aides and transport truck drivers.

  • Ontario: Hosts in-demand jobs both generally and outside the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Prince Edward Island: Targets roles such as nurse aides and light-duty cleaners.

  • Saskatchewan: Focuses on occupations in TEER levels 0 to 3, except those on the excluded occupation list.

  • Yukon: Operates through two streams targeting individuals in occupations within different TEER levels.

Detailed information on all these provinces can be found in our Blogs.

Your Gateway to Information

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Join the Conversation

We love hearing from you! Share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you have questions or suggestions for future topics, feel free to let us know. Remember, your insights can be the beacon of light for someone stepping into the complex world of immigration policies.


As we conclude our deep dive into the PNPs and the opportunities they unlock, remember, every province except Nunavut and Quebec runs a PNP. As you have seen, the targeted occupations vary greatly from province to province, creating a myriad of opportunities. Be sure to visit the official government website to get the most current list of in-demand occupations, or better yet, consult with our experts at Ansari Immigration to pave a smooth path to your Canadian dream.

Before you go, remember to share this blog with friends and family who might find it beneficial. Stay tuned for more updates and happy immigrating!

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