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A Guide on Renewing Your Study Permit in Canada.

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Many people facing the end of their study permit in Canada have a challenging decision to make. On the one hand, they may have developed strong ties to Canada and want to stay in the country to pursue their goals. On the other hand, they may miss their family and friends back home and want to return to their previous life.

There are several factors to consider when making this decision on renewing study permit, such as your financial situation, career goals, and personal relationships. It is essential to weigh all of these factors carefully before deciding.


Here are three things you need to know about securing a study permit in Canada.

1. Your Study Permit Is Valid as Long as You're Still in an Eligible Program

If you are studying in an eligible program in Canada, you won't have any issues with your study permit. You can change your study program or even switch to a different educational institution by updating your information on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. Your study permit would remain valid even after the switch. However, when you finish your studies, your study permit will expire 90 days later.

Ideally, you should have made your decision long before your study permit expires, as you only have 90 days to decide what to do with your situation. If you want to stay longer, you must begin the process at least 30 days before your permit ends.

2. You'll Need to Secure New Requirements

If you want to remain in Canada and continue your studies, you must apply for a new study permit. To do so, you must meet or exceed the same eligibility criteria as you did when you first applied.

This includes enrolling in an eligible educational program and submitting a form and the required documents. These documents will include your current study permit, proof of enrollment in an eligible program, proof of financial support, and any other documents needed.

Note: If you plan to study in Quebec, you must apply for and receive a Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec. This document is required in addition to the other documents you must submit.

3. The Application Process for Renewing Study Permit Is Done Online

You get a new or extended study permit to continue your studies in Canada. If you have a disability that hinders you from applying for something online, you can submit a paper application instead. The IRCC may also grant this option if you have trouble using the online application.

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Applying online can make the process more manageable. It is convenient and can save time, as you don't have to go somewhere to apply physically. You can submit your application and all the necessary documents online, usually with a few clicks. This can make the process of applying much quicker and smoother.


Deciding to stay put or return to their home country can be difficult for people who have made Canada their second home. If we leave, we will have to make new plans, re-adjust to a culture, and possibly even find a new job. But exploring new opportunities and building a new life in a place we already call home is also exciting. We may face some challenges, but there is also the potential to create a life full of new experiences, relationships, and a new culture to explore.

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