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Guide for Canadian Student Visa

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Studying in Canada is becoming increasingly popular amongst students worldwide due to its excellent reputation for education and affordability. The country is home to over 250,000 international students, and the demand for studying abroad continues to grow. Canada provides a unique opportunity to experience world-class education and more affordable tuition than many other countries. This makes student visas an attractive option for many students.

Applicants wanting to pursue educational studies in Canada must apply for student visas. This document is designed for foreign nationals to attend educational institutions in Canada. The visa is only valid for one entry. However, the holder still needs to travel in and out of the country. Therefore, students can stay in the nation until their program is finished, although the length of stay will depend on the kind of degree or course they are taking.

To be eligible for student visas, international students must meet certain requirements and demonstrate that they have the financial capability to support themselves during their stay in Canada. Once the student visa is approved, they can apply for a study permit which will allow them to study at a designated learning institution (DLI). A DLI is an educational institution in Canada recognized by the government and has the authority to accept international students.

Required Documents for Student Visa

You must meet certain criteria and provide the required paperwork to apply for a Canada student visa. These will include:

  • An acceptance letter from a DLI. It is recommended that minors only attend DLIs (Designated Learning Institutions) with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan. Unless the minor has been vaccinated, they cannot study in other DLIs.

  • Passport.

  • Study plan.

  • Immigration medical exam.

  • Police verification certificate for checking criminal records.

  • Financial documents. To make sure you have the financial ability to stay in Canada, you must demonstrate that you have the necessary funds to cover your tuition, living costs, and transportation expenses, including the price of a ticket back to your home country.

  • The minimum balance for Canadian student visas is 10,000 CAD and must be seen annually in the students:

  • Canadian bank account.

  • Student or education loan.

  • Bank draft.

  • Proof of paid tuition and housing fee, to name a few.

Those interested in studying in Quebec must get a document from the Quebec government called a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) or a letter of approval for the CAQ.

Application Fees

To study in Canada, you must pay a fee of 150 CAD. Depending on your country, an additional sum of 200 CAD may be required. Furthermore, a medical examination or health insurance is mandatory for each arrival in Canada.

To Sum It All Up

Canada takes its immigration processes very seriously, so aspiring students must follow the above requirements and guidelines to ensure their safe and legal entry. Ensure you have all the documents and finances ready to enter Canada easily.

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Studying abroad in Canada can be a great opportunity; that’s why Ansari Immigration Inc. is here to help. We guide you from step one to the end, providing information on the advantages of studying in Canada and the types of degrees you can take. Apply for student visas through our website right now!

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