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Work Permit Holders Can Study in Canada

A New Chapter Begins in Vancouver

Imagine stepping into Vancouver with a job offer that promises a fulfilling career amidst the scenic beauty and cultural diversity of Canada. The adventure is thrilling, but your aspiration doesn't stop there. You spot an academic course that aligns perfectly with your career goals. The question pops up, "Being a work permit holder, can I also study in Canada?" The answer is a resounding yes!

Take a leaf out of Maria’s book, who, with a tech job offer in hand, ventured from Mexico to Canada. While settling into her new role, she discovered a love for graphic design. With a little guidance from Ansari Immigration, a trusted Vancouver Immigration consultant, she enrolled in a part-time course. Today, she’s weaving her professional and educational threads into a rich Canadian tapestry.

Work Permit Holder Can Study in Canada: Unlocking Opportunities

Canada’s open arms to work permit holders desiring to pursue education is a testament to the country’s commitment to fostering growth and development. Whether it’s a short-term course or a full-fledged degree, the opportunities are aplenty.

Flowchart outlining the steps to study in Canada without a study permit, starting with eligibility questions and ending with a call-to-action to contact Ansari Immigration for further guidance.

Q&A Section:

Q: Who is eligible to study without a study permit?

A: You may be eligible to study without a study permit while you work in Canada if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have a valid work permit that was issued on or before June 7, 2023, or

  • You have a letter authorizing you to work while your work permit extension application is in progress. The letter must have been issued on or before June 7, 2023.

If you applied for a work permit after June 7, 2023, you are not eligible for this policy.

Q: What kind of study program can I enroll in?

A: You can enroll in any full-time or part-time study program at a designated learning institution (DLI) as long as your work permit is valid, or until the expiration of the policy on June 27, 2026. A DLI is an institution that is approved by the provincial or territorial government to host international students. You can find a list of DLIs on the Government of Canada website.

Q: How do I prove that I am eligible to study without a study permit?

A: The learning institution where you plan to study may ask you to prove that you are eligible to study without a study permit. If they request this proof, you must provide one of these documents:

  • Your valid work permit

  • The work authorization letter issued when you applied for your work permit extension

  • An email from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that says you qualify under this public policy. The email has your unique client identifier and is tied to your work authorization.

Q: How will studying without a study permit affect my immigration status?

A: Studying without a study permit will not affect your work permit or your eligibility to extend it. However, it may have some implications for your permanent residence application, depending on which program you apply under. For example:

  • If you apply under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), your work experience during your full-time studies will not count toward the minimum requirement of one year of skilled work experience in Canada.

  • If you apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), your full-time studies will count toward the adaptability points, which can increase your chances of being invited to apply.

  • If you apply under any provincial nominee program (PNP), you will need to check the specific requirements of each province or territory, as they may vary.

Q: Can I apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) after I finish my studies?

A: No, you will not be eligible for a PGWP under this policy. You must have a valid study permit during your studies to be eligible for a PGWP. A PGWP is an open work permit that allows you to work for any employer in Canada for up to three years after you graduate from an eligible DLI.

Real Stories: Triumphs Through Ansari Immigration

“The pathway to studying while working in Canada seemed convoluted until Ansari Immigration cleared the fog. Now, I’m living the Canadian dream,” shares Amit from India, currently juggling a full-time job and a diploma in Business Administration.

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Embark on Your Canadian Dream

The prospect of working and studying in Canada is a real, achievable goal. With a reliable immigration consultant at your helm, the journey is straightforward and enriching. Reach out to us at Ansari Immigration, and let’s chart your success saga on the Canadian canvas.

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