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Navigating Parent Sponsorships in Canada

Your Family's Bridge to a Bright Future in Canada

At Ansari Immigration, we understand the importance of family. Bringing your parents to be by your side in Canada is not just a dream, but a journey we can undertake together. Through the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship program, you can pave the way for family reunification. Let's delve deeper into the nuances of parent sponsorships in Canada.

Understanding the Basics of Parent Sponsorships in Canada

Who is Eligible?

To sponsor your parent or grandparent, you must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Moreover, you need to demonstrate the financial capability to support them once they arrive in Canada.

What are the Requirements?

  • Meeting the minimum necessary income

  • Agreeing to sponsor your parent or grandparent for a period of 20 years

  • Ensuring your sponsored family member does not seek financial assistance from the Canadian government

With Ansari Immigration by your side, navigating these requirements becomes a seamless process, rooted in expertise and understanding.

Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Application

1. Preparing Your Documents

With Ansari Immigration's expert consultancy, we'll help you in meticulous preparation and organization of all the necessary documents to foster a smooth application process.

2. Invitations to Apply

Canada operates on a lottery system, inviting potential sponsors to apply. We provide guidance on optimizing your profile to increase your chances of receiving an invitation.

3. Application Submission

Once invited, you have a 60-day window to submit your complete application. Leverage the deep insights of Ansari Immigration to assemble a robust application package.

4. Await Approval

Patience is key as you wait for the approval, and our team keeps you updated on all developments, lending a helping hand wherever necessary.

Why Choose Ansari Immigration?

Our seasoned team at Ansari Immigration, based in vibrant Vancouver, has assisted numerous families in realizing their dream of reuniting in Canada. Our bespoke services, rooted in understanding your unique needs, facilitate a hassle-free sponsorship journey.

Engaging with Our Community

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Let’s Hear From You!

Your opinions and questions matter to us. Feel free to comment below, ask questions or suggest topics for our future blog posts. We are here to serve you and build a community that shares and grows together.


Embarking on the journey of parent sponsorships is a path laden with many steps and processes. With Ansari Immigration, you have a trusted partner who walks with you at every step, assuring peace of mind and a successful outcome.

Reach out to Ansari Immigration, the guiding star of your parent sponsorship journey in Canada. Let us unite you with your loved ones, crafting stories of success and happiness, one family at a time.

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