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Is Studying in Canada About to Get Harder? Here’s What You Need to Know


Canada has long been a top destination for international students due to its world-renowned education system, high standard of living, and friendly immigration policies. However, some changes are on the horizon that could make studying in Canada more challenging. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is exploring new measures, including a "Trusted Institutions Framework" for Canadian colleges and universities set to roll out in 2024. So, what does this mean for you if you’re planning to study in Canada? Let’s dive in.

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What Is the "Trusted Institutions Framework"?

The IRCC is considering introducing a two-tier model for study permit issuance. Educational institutions that meet specific criteria under this framework will be deemed Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs). These DLIs will benefit from faster study permit processing times for international students.

Why Is This Being Done?

The main reason behind this move is to ensure that these institutions are reliable partners in terms of sustainable intake, genuine student identification, compliance monitoring, and providing a safe and enriching experience for international students.

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The Criteria for Becoming a "Trusted Institution"

While the discussions have largely been held behind closed doors, some indicators for qualifying as a "Trusted Institution" have been released:

1. Retention Rates: The institution must have a high percentage of international students who continue in their original program after their first year.

2. On-time Program Completion Rate: A high percentage of international students must complete their courses within the advertised timeframe.

3. Revenue from International Tuition: The institution should not be overly reliant on international student tuition.

4. Scholarships for International Students: Special attention will be given to institutions that offer scholarships to students from less developed countries.

5. Support Services: Institutions should provide robust support services like mental health counseling, career guidance, and immigration counseling.

6. Availability of Housing: Institutions should provide housing options for international students.

7. Teacher-Student Ratio: The average teacher-student ratio should be within an acceptable range, especially in courses with a high international student enrollment.

Did Studying in Canada get Harder? Impacts on International Students

1. Faster Processing Times: If you manage to get into a Trusted Institution, your study permit application will be processed more quickly.

2. Limited Options: Not all institutions may meet the criteria, limiting your choices.

3. Housing and Support Services: Trusted Institutions are likely to provide better support services and possibly housing, enhancing your student life experience.

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The Growing Number of International Students

Despite these proposed changes, Canada continues to be a hot destination for international students. In 2022 alone, the country welcomed a record 551,405 international students. This makes the upcoming changes even more crucial as the government strives to maintain the quality and integrity of its educational system.

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Additional Measures: Capping and Housing Crisis

Given the housing crisis in Canada, the government is also considering capping the number of international students. However, Immigration Minister Marc Miller has not committed to a hard cap, emphasizing that the integrity of the educational system is of primary concern.


Changes are afoot in Canada’s educational system for international students, but the core values of providing quality education and student experience remain the same. As these changes take shape, you'll need expert advice and guidance to navigate the new landscape.

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