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How International Students Can Apply for Scholarships in Canada


Has the allure of a fully or partially funded scholarship to study abroad ever crossed your mind? Regardless of their financial status, most individuals find this proposition quite exciting. But skepticism and lack of knowledge about the application process often make people hesitant. In this blog post, we will take you step by step through the process of applying for a scholarship in Canada. While securing a scholarship might not be easy, it's certainly not impossible.

Why Choose Canada?

Canada, a country known for its multiculturalism, opens a world of opportunities to international students. With 96 universities scattered across urban and rural areas, the country offers a range of scholarships to choose from. Not to mention, Canada also provides work and study opportunities, allowing you to gain valuable work experience while pursuing your studies. The diverse environment can meet your academic needs and preferences whether you're an English or French speaker.

Top Canadian Universities to Consider

Step-by-Step Guide for International Student Scholarship Applications in Canada

Infographic illustrating a step-by-step guide for international students applying for scholarships in Canada, including researching scholarships, understanding requirements, preparing a strong application, and submission procedures.

General Requirements for Applying

  • Good Grades: Most scholarships are merit-based, so maintaining a good academic record is essential.

  • Language Proficiency: Excelling in exams like TOEFL or IELTS will improve your chances of securing a scholarship.

  • Extracurricular Activities: Involvement in extracurricular activities can also boost your chances, as many scholarships recognize all-rounded students.

Key Scholarships in Canada

  1. The University of Toronto Scholarship for International Students: Covers full tuition, book cost, and lodging, focusing on academic ability, creativity, and leadership.

  2. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS): Helps fund graduate students.

  3. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship: Open to all students, including international ones.

  4. David Johnston Lebovic Foundation International Experience Award: Open to all international students.

  5. UBC International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES) and Outstanding International Student Award (OIS): Awarded to exceptional students entering undergraduate programs at UBC.

  6. SFU Scholarships: Various scholarships are available for students who have completed at least 12 units of standard-graded courses at SFU.

How to Apply

The application process varies based on the scholarship. However, you typically need to check application deadlines, list the scholarships you want to apply for, complete the online application form, and email any supporting documents to the respective institution.

Understanding Scholarships and Their Types

Different types of scholarships are available based on academic merit, sports, arts, and other achievements. Some scholarships cover tuition fees, while others include living expenses, books, or travel costs. Remember, you can apply for more than one scholarship, so explore as many options as possible.

Read the Fine Print

Every scholarship has its own unique set of rules and criteria. Make sure to carefully read the scholarship description and requirements to ensure you qualify.

Prepare a Strong Application

A strong application is key to securing a scholarship. Showcase your strengths, achievements, and goals clearly. Craft your essays carefully and ensure your reference letters portray you positively.

UBC International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES)

This scholarship is for exceptional international students entering undergraduate programs at UBC. They are renewable for up to three additional years of study. To apply, you must submit your UBC application by January 15th.

Outstanding International Student Award

This one-time, merit-based entrance scholarship is awarded to qualified students when they are offered admission to UBC. The award is designed for students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and strong extracurricular involvement.

SFU Scholarships

These scholarships are available for students who have completed at least 12 units of standard-graded courses at SFU. Some financial aid is specifically available for Indigenous students only.

How to Apply for Scholarships

While the process may vary depending on the scholarship, most applications follow these steps:

  1. Check the application period and final deadline.

  2. Review the list of available scholarships and awards.

  3. Apply online through the institution's student information system.

  4. List the scholarships/awards you want to apply for on your online application.

  5. Complete and submit your application.

  6. Email any supporting documentation by the application deadline.

  7. Set up Direct Deposit to receive any refunds you may be eligible to receive.

To Conclude

With proper research and dedication, securing a scholarship to study in Canada can become a reality. The journey might seem daunting, but you move closer to your dream of studying in Canada with every step. Persistence is the key.

Our team at Ansari Immigration is here to guide and assist you throughout the process. Contact us today for more information!

Remember, every step forward is a step towards achieving something bigger and better. Good luck with your scholarship applications!

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