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Empowering Newcomer Women in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide by Ansari Immigration

Updated: Jun 2, 2023


Canada's persistent efforts in bolstering inclusivity and equality in its workforce are well-established. A shining example of this commitment is Ontario's recent $768,000 investment in the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW). This initiative, part of the "Addressing Barriers to Employment for Muslim Women" project, aims to eradicate employment barriers for women, particularly in non-traditional and emerging economic sectors.

The drive to remove barriers to empowering newcomer Women in Canada is particularly significant who face challenges securing fair representation. This article explores how Canada, through Federal and Provincial/Territorial programs, helps these newcomer women integrate into society.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) spearhead several federal programs and services designed to aid women immigrating to Canada. These include the Women at Risk (WAR) initiative, an integral part of the Urgent Protection Program (UPP), and the Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot (RNWP) program.

Infographic depicting Canada's efforts to empower newcomer women through federal and provincial initiatives, including the Women at Risk and Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot programs, and highlighting local organizations across Canada. Also features success stories from immigrant women and information about Ansari Immigration services.

The Lifeline: WAR Program

The Women at Risk program under the IRCC provides indispensable aid to women who require urgent protection or are vulnerable. Notably, these women are not required to demonstrate settlement potential. However, they and their dependents must pass all mandatory Canadian entrance examinations to receive aid.

Pathway to Success: RNWP Program

The Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot program is a trailblazer designed to improve newcomer women's employment outcomes and career advancement. It is instrumental in ensuring equal and active participation of these women in Canada's economy.

Provincial/Territorial Initiatives: On-the-Ground Support

Each province and territory in Canada boasts services local organizations offer to assist newcomer women in various aspects of life. From settling in Canada and finding employment to preparing for citizenship tests and providing mentoring, these organizations are pillars of support.

Below, we highlight critical organizations dedicated to empowering newcomer women in each province/territory. A more extensive list from the Government of Canada can be found on this page.

British Columbia



Stories of Success

At Ansari Immigration, we firmly believe in making Canada a welcoming and inclusive place for all newcomers. As a leading immigration consultancy firm in Vancouver, we are here to guide you through your immigration journey. Contact us today for expert advice and assistance.

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