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Can Students Travel in and Out of Canada with an Expired Study Permit?

Can Students Travel in and Out of Canada with an Expired Study Permit?

Can students travel in and out of Canada with an expired study permit? It's a common concern for international students as they plan their journeys in and around Canada. Let's unravel the complexities surrounding your study permit and what happens when it expires.

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Q&A Section: Can Students Travel with an Expired Study Permit?

Q: Can I travel within Canada if my study permit has expired?

A: Yes, you can travel within Canada. However, your study permit does not impact your ability to travel domestically.

Q: Can I re-enter Canada with an expired study permit?

A: No, re-entry into Canada requires a valid study permit or a different valid entry document, like a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

Q: What should I do if my study permit expires and I wish to continue studying?

A: You need to apply for a study permit extension before it expires. If it's already expired, you may have to leave Canada and apply for a new study permit. In some cases you may be able to stay in Canada and restore your status as a student. Please contact us to assess your situation.

Q: How can I avoid travelling with an expired study permit?

A: The best way to avoid travelling with an expired study permit is to check your study permit expiry date before you plan your trip. If your study permit will expire soon, you should apply to extend it at least 30 days before it expires. You can apply online or by paper through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

Q: What if I want to stay in Canada after I finish my studies?

A: If you want to stay in Canada after you finish your studies, you have several options. You can apply for a PGWP, which will allow you to work in Canada for up to three years, depending on the length of your program. You can also apply for permanent residence through various immigration programs, such as Express Entry, PNP, or AIPP. These programs are designed to attract skilled workers, including international students, who can contribute to Canada’s economy and society.

Study Permit vs. Visitor Visa: Key Differences

  • Study Permit: Enables you to study and work part-time in Canada. It’s directly tied to the duration of your study program.

  • Visitor Visa: Allows you to travel or visit family in Canada but does not permit studying or working.

The Role of SIN for International Students

Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) is essential for working in Canada and accessing certain government services. Keep it secure and share it only when necessary.

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While the answer to "Can students travel in and out of Canada with an expired study permit?" is complex, understanding these regulations is key to a hassle-free experience in Canada. Ansari Immigration is here to navigate you through these intricacies.

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