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Temporary Resident Permit in Vancouver: Let Ansari Immigration Guide You

Looking to explore the process of obtaining a Temporary Resident Permit in Vancouver? Ansari Immigration is here to help you out. Discover your options and requirements with us.

Welcome to Ansari Immigration, your go-to immigration consultancy firm in Vancouver. We know the process of applying for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) can be a bit of a headache. That's where our team of experienced immigration consultants comes in. We're all about making your journey as smooth as possible, and we'll work with you to make sure you get the best results for your TRP application.

A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) is like a golden ticket for folks who might not normally be allowed into Canada. It lets you enter the country for a specific reason and a limited time. Planning a visit to family, attending a business event, or studying for a short period? A TRP can open the door to the amazing world of Canadian culture and breathtaking landscapes.


  • Have a valid reason to come to Canada, like tourism, business, or family visits

  • Show proof that you'll leave Canada once your authorized stay is over

  • Be able to support yourself financially during your stay

  • Not be a risk to Canadian security or public health

  • Provide any extra documents the Canadian government might ask for

Keep in mind that if you've got a criminal record or a history of immigration issues, your TRP application could hit some bumps. But don't worry, our expert team at Ansari Immigration is here to help you navigate those tricky situations and boost your chances of success.



If you are a citizen of an eTA-required country and your application for an eTA was refused, you may be issued a TRP. This depends on the nature and circumstances of your inadmissibility and why you need to travel to Canada. The visa office responsible for your country or region may have its own application form for TRPs. You should check with the respective visa office to find out exactly how to apply​​.

If you are visa-required, you must apply for a visitor visa and include supporting documents to explain why you are inadmissible and why it may be justified for you to enter Canada. You may also have to attend an interview so that an officer can assess your application​.














When you work with us, you'll get:

  • Personalized attention from our dedicated team of immigration consultants

  • Expert advice on the ins and outs of the TRP application process, from getting your documents ready to hitting that submit button

  • Regular updates to keep you in the loop on your application's progress

  • Help with overcoming any potential roadblocks related to inadmissibility

  • Solid advice on what to do if your TRP application is turned down

We're passionate about helping our clients experience the wonders of visiting or living in Canada. Our track record speaks for itself – we've successfully guided countless clients through their Temporary Resident Permit applications and other immigration matters. Let us help you unlock your Canadian adventure.

Don't let the tricky TRP application process hold you back from discovering Canada. Reach out to our experienced immigration consultants at Ansari Immigration today, and we'll provide the guidance and support you need to make your Canadian dream come true.

Unlocking Canada: Temporary Resident Permits with Ansari Immigration

What's a Temporary Resident Permit?

Applying for a TRP

Duration of Stay and Fees

Temporary Resident permit
Visitor visa (TRV)

Timberly Williams

In essence, a Visitor Visa is for individuals who meet the requirements to enter Canada as a temporary resident, while a TRP is for individuals who do not meet these requirements due to certain inadmissibility factors but have a valid reason to be in Canada.

Eligibility requirement for Temporary resident permit:

A TRP is usually issued for the length of your visit to Canada, for example, one week to attend a conference. You must leave Canada by the expiry date of the permit, or get a new permit before your current one expires. The permit may be cancelled by an officer at any time and is no longer valid once you leave Canada, unless you have specifically been authorized to leave and re-enter​.

You must pay a fee of CAN$200 to cover the cost of processing your application for a TRP. Please note, the fee will not be refunded if the permit is refused​.

Inadmissibility due to Criminal Convictions

If you've committed or been convicted of a crime, you have a few options to overcome your criminal inadmissibility. For instance, if you drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs, including cannabis, you may be inadmissible for serious criminality. This means you won’t be able to enter or stay in Canada unless a TRP is issued to you​.

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