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Transforming Lives: International Graduate Stream and Post-Graduate Immigration Streams in Canada.

Updated: Jun 2, 2023


Welcome to the Ansari Immigration blog! Today, we're going to delve into the exciting world of immigration opportunities for international graduate streams in Canada. The International Graduate and Post-Graduate streams offer graduates from Canadian and B.C. institutions a fantastic opportunity to become permanent residents. We'll explore the eligibility criteria, application process, and benefits of these streams. Plus, we'll share inspiring success stories of individuals who have walked this path.

International Graduate Stream: A Success Story

Let's start with the International Graduate stream, designed for those who have graduated from an eligible Canadian university or college within the last three years.

Meet Raj, a computer science graduate from an esteemed Canadian university. After completing his degree, Raj secured a job offer from a tech firm in B.C., falling under the NOC TEER category 2. Meeting the language and wage offer requirements, he successfully navigated the International Graduate stream. Today, Raj is not just enjoying a thriving career in the tech industry, but also the vibrant cultural life of B.C.

Infographic illustrating the eligibility criteria for the International Graduate and Post-Graduate immigration streams in British Columbia, Canada. It outlines specific requirements such as graduation from an eligible institution, job offer conditions, wage and language requirements, legal immigration status, and the intent to live and work in B.C. The infographic also highlights that professional doctorates like JD and MD are not eligible for the International Post-Graduate stream.

International Post-Graduate Stream: A Journey to Remember

The International Post-Graduate stream is a pathway for those who have recently graduated with a master’s or doctoral degree from an eligible B.C. institution.

Consider the story of Maria, a passionate environmental scientist. After finishing her doctoral degree from a public B.C. university, she applied for the International Post-Graduate stream. Without the need for a job offer, Maria focused on demonstrating her intention and ability to economically establish herself in B.C. Today, Maria is leading vital environmental research projects, contributing to the province and enjoying the breathtaking natural beauty B.C. offers.

For a deeper understanding of the eligibility requirements for the International Post-Graduate stream, check out our Program Guide.

Unlocking Opportunities in B.C.

Both the International Graduate and Post-Graduate streams unlock a wealth of opportunities. B.C. is a land of economic growth, with sectors like tech, healthcare, and environmental science booming. This provides ample job prospects and career growth opportunities for graduates.

B.C. also offers a high quality of life. The province is renowned for its stunning landscapes, diverse cultures, excellent healthcare, and world-class education institutions. As a permanent resident, you can fully embrace life in B.C., enhancing your personal and professional growth.

Getting Started

To start your journey towards permanent residency in B.C., visit our Documents page. Here you'll find comprehensive guides and tools to help you navigate the application process.

At Ansari Immigration, we're dedicated to helping you turn your Canadian dream into reality. Stay tuned for more informative and inspiring posts, and don't hesitate to reach out to us for any immigration-related queries.

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