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How Can International Students Apply For PR?

How Can International Students Apply For PR? International students flock to Canada for quality education and the potential of a brighter future. While the federal Express Entry system offers a pathway to permanent residency, it can be intricate. An alternative, especially for those in Alberta, is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Alberta Advantage Immigration Pathway (AAIP) – What You Need to Know

The AAIP, Alberta's iteration of the PNP, replaced the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) in 2018. Its aim? To bolster Alberta's economy by attracting skilled international graduates and workers. It encompasses:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream

  • Alberta Express Entry Stream

  • Rural Renewal Stream

Each has unique eligibility criteria.

How International Graduates Can Apply Through AAIP

Graduates from Alberta-based post-secondary institutions holding a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) can explore two main streams.

1. Alberta Opportunity Stream:

  • Aimed at foreign workers living and working in Alberta.

  • Requirements include:

  • A year of full-time study in Alberta.

  • Valid PGWP (minimum 6 months validity during application).

  • Six months of relevant full-time work experience in Alberta.

  • A relevant job offer from an eligible Alberta employer.

  • Meeting specific National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes and language proficiency standards.

  • Application entails an online form, necessary documentation, and a $500 CAD fee.

2. Alberta Express Entry Stream:

  • Tailored for those in the federal Express Entry pool with strong Alberta connections.

  • Eligibility aspects:

  • A year of full-time study in Alberta.

  • Valid PGWP (minimum 6 months validity during application).

  • Presence in the federal Express Entry system and qualifying for its economic programs.

  • Sufficient Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score (at least 300).

  • Demonstrated ties or intention to reside in Alberta.

  • This stream doesn't allow direct applications. If Alberta shows interest, candidates must submit the required application and documents within 30 days. Successful nominees can potentially earn 600 extra CRS points.

Why Consider AAIP for Permanent Residency?

Choosing AAIP can offer:

  • Higher chances of Alberta nomination.

  • Relatively lower CRS and language proficiency thresholds.

  • More job and employer choices connected to one’s study or work background.

  • Access to Alberta's integration and settlement services.

  • Opportunity to contribute to Alberta's socio-economic landscape.

How Can International Students Apply For PR? How Ansari Immigration Can Pave Your Path

At Ansari Immigration, our mission is simplifying your journey to permanent residency via AAIP. We offer:

  • Eligibility checks and profile creation/updating.

  • Comprehensive application support.

  • Liaison with AAIP and IRCC.

  • Tailored advice to boost your nomination chances.

  • Step-by-step guidance for final residency application steps.

Considering the AAIP for permanent residency? Reach out to Ansari Immigration and transform your aspirations into reality.

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